New Technology

New Technology

Resource-efficient Sanitary Solution

With climate change affecting the world’s population, the onus is on us to use our resources effectively. One such way is to reduce the consumption of water used in bathroom facilities. SwissWerkz is determined to work towards a future that will serve the purpose of being a supplier with resource-efficient sanitary ware items.


Now, we have already had automatic flushing system in the market for a long time making flushing more hygienic and easier. However, one of the biggest issues that ties with this technology is water wastage by false flushing and wrong detection.


SwissWerkz, hence, wants to take the responsibility to be the supplier of a more intelligent flushing system that will solve the aforementioned problems. Here are few reasons why the new technology is more beneficial in totality:

  • Reduces manpower
  • Improved communication between the Flush System and Building Automated System (BAS) & Building Management System (BMS)
  • Prevents false flushing
  • Straightforward maintenance
  • Saves water
  • Autonomous decision of Flush volume
  • Restroom Feedback Solution
    • Email/ SMS Notification
    • Integrated Trend Analysis of Sensor(s) & Feedback data
    • Proactive Productivity Solution

If you too are walking towards integrating such substantial technologies into your use, do feel free to contact us.